Management of received payments

If you receive payments online for the products you provide, you will understand my issue. I am not very attentive person, so I can easily miss incoming payments. I understand that it should not be done this way, but in my case human factor is against me. I needed to make some improvements in my business management. Invoicing software Invoiceor ( helped me to deal with my problems.

I provide my customers both options - prepayment and payment after receiving products. During the high season I have a lot of orders and payments. And sometimes it is hard to track payments. I can miss, for example, prepayment. Customer paid and is waiting for the product. As I missed prepayment customer will not get the product in time and will be disappointed with my company. People will think that I am working amateurishly and will not advice my company to anyone.

When I started to use Invoiceor I immediately estimated all the advantages of the free invoicing software. Actually it is free for two months and afterwards you need to buy a subscription. I have not had any doubts whether to use the software after two months or not. I was used to conveniences provided by the software. I became dependent on the invoicing program.

What about received payments… When I receive some payment I go into the program and chose the number of the invoice and add the payment. The status of the invoice changes to “paid”. It helps me to see which invoice is paid, which is overdue, etc. Of course it is possible to miss something even using invoicing program, but I have noticed that I do less mistakes now.

For me it is a pleasure to work with my software. Earlier I always postponed the registration of the incoming payments, because it seemed to me boring. Now I do it in the morning and it takes me only about 15-25 minutes. I have already advised invoicing software to all my friends who run a business. By the way, market provides wide choice of invoicing programs. Everyone could choose the one which suits the best.

24 Jul 2012