Which payment gateway do you use for your invoicing software?

Invoicing software became best assistant for your business. It helps you not only in creating and sending invoices, but also in receiving payments from the customers. You don’t have to enter received payments manually anymore. Invoicing software is smart enough to receive online payments and register them. It seems that in future the process of invoicing will be fully automatic. Invoicing programs have so many useful features nowadays.

One of the popular and well-known payment gateways among users of the invoicing software is PayPal. Money transfers are made through the internet. The payments are fast and safe. Another advantage of this payment gateway is that you don’t have to expose your credit card information to the merchant. If you are looking for the invoicing software, which could be suitable for your business, check if the PayPal gateway is supported.

Maybe you think that you can manage your payments without any payment gateways. Of course you can. Invoicing software allows you to enter received payments manually. But it will take you more time. I need at least some 30 minutes every day to manage my payments. You need to do it every day, so that every payment could be registered in time. Otherwise you customer will get automatic reminder.

With payment gateway integrated into invoicing software you could spent more time on other tasks, because payments will be automatically received and registered by your system. You can give your customers an opportunity to choose different payment options. But if they all agree with, for example, PayPal, it’s easier for you to have one payment gateway for all your payments.

19 Apr 2012